Theme: Health

The Health theme emphasizes the essential aspects of physical and mental well-being, rooted in the quality of our indoor and outdoor environments. It champions the provision of clean water, clean air, and pollution-free spaces, alongside ensuring safety and accessibility in outdoor areas. This theme underlines the critical connection between environmental health and human health, advocating for comprehensive access to green spaces, playgrounds, and recreational facilities for all community members.

Photo by David Bruyndonckx on Unsplash
Photo: DALLE OpenAI

Health is a fundamental pillar of the Biosphere Eco-City model, recognizing that a healthy environment is the backbone of a vibrant, thriving community. This theme encourages actions and policies that improve outdoor and indoor air quality, ensure the safety of drinking water, and provide universal access to nutritious food and healthy outdoor spaces. It highlights the importance of designing cities that are pedestrian-friendly and cater to the diverse needs of seniors, children, and individuals with disabilities, thereby fostering inclusiveness and well-being.

Innovative city programs around the globe demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of integrating health considerations into urban planning and management. Efforts to prevent pollution of water systems by hazardous substances like oil and medications, designs that enhance pedestrian safety, and parks designed to be inclusive for handicapped children and seniors are all testament to the positive impact of prioritizing health in urban environments.

We encourage the Edmonton community to share their health-related projects or initiatives with our database. Whether it’s a campaign for cleaner air, a community garden providing access to fresh produce, or a program ensuring safe, inclusive outdoor spaces, your contributions are vital. By showcasing these efforts, we aim to inspire further action towards creating environments that support the holistic health and well-being of all residents, paving the way for a healthier, more sustainable future.