Empowering People for a Sustainable Future

At Biosphere Eco-Cities Canada (BECC), our mission is to cultivate a culture of sustainability through people. We are excited to share a new resource that embodies this mission: “A Culture of Sustainability: The Long Journey Home,” authored by James Birtch, the creator of the Biosphere Eco-City model and Chair of BECC.

A Culture of Sustainability: The Long Journey Home

About the Book

Understanding Sustainability Through Culture

This compelling read is designed for the general audience, particularly young adults from high school to university. It delves into the essence of sustainability, contrasting it with sustainable development and emphasizing a balance with nature. The book simplifies complex environmental concepts like the biosphere, biomes, and ecosystems, and explains the evolution of human cultures and their impact on our planet.

Historical Insights and Modern Challenges

James Birtch guides readers through the historical development of a sustainability culture and discusses the technological revolutions that have shaped our world. He explores international efforts towards sustainable development, providing commentary on significant initiatives such as the Club of Rome, Agenda 21, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Future Scenarios and Personal Action

The final chapters present potential future scenarios and encourage readers to contemplate and develop personal actions toward sustainability. This book is not only an educational tool but also a call to action for all of us to contribute to a better future.

Support BECC Through Your Purchase

Contributing to Sustainability Initiatives

All royalties from the sales of this book are generously donated to BECC, supporting our work in creating youth hubs for sustainability across Canadian cities. By purchasing this book, you are not only gaining valuable knowledge but also directly contributing to sustainability efforts.

Available Now

Get Your Copy Today

“A Culture of Sustainability: The Long Journey Home” is available in both print and eBook formats. The eBook version costs $20.62 and can be accessed through the Kindle App, which is free to download. Purchase your copy today on Amazon and join us in fostering a culture of sustainability.