Welcome to our Blog contribution page, where we invite you to share your insights, experiences, and ideas on applying the Biosphere Eco-City (BEC) model in Edmonton. Our blog serves as a platform to explore and expand the conversation around sustainability, and your voice is a vital part of this journey.

Getting Started

  • Developing BEC Projects:
    Consider proposing a new BEC project tailored to our community. For example, you might explore integrating BEC’s Tools of Sustainability into educational programs or how fostering a Sense of Place could rejuvenate a neighborhood, enhancing its sustainability.
  • Enhancing Municipal Sustainability Efforts:
    We’re keen on insights into how BEC can amplify the city’s sustainability initiatives. What impact could broader citizen engagement have? How might this align with and support Edmonton’s municipal planning?
  • Cultural Shifts Toward Sustainability:
    How can we track and measure the growth of a culture of sustainability within Edmonton? Your thoughts on developing metrics and indicators for this transformation are highly welcome.

Expanding the Conversation

  • Cross-Sector Collaboration for Sustainability: Discuss how different sectors and community groups can collaborate under the BEC framework to achieve common sustainability goals. Which BEC tools should we prioritize, and why?
  • Sub-Themes of Sustainability: Delve into any of BEC’s 10 Themes, suggesting detailed breakouts that could enable more effective tracking and sharing of experiences. For instance:
    Natural Capital: Focus on the conservation of soil, water, air, and local ecosystems.
    Waste Management: Ideas on reducing, reusing, recycling, and other innovative approaches to managing waste.
  • Public Engagement and Understanding: Share how specific themes can boost public engagement and understanding of sustainability issues. Highlight successful case studies or initiatives, like zero waste projects or community-led conservation efforts, to illustrate your points.

Submission Guidelines

Your contributions should be insightful yet accessible, aiming for a length of up to two pages (approximately 800 words) and may include a photo (please ensure it’s copyright-free or your own work).

The tone should be clear and engaging, similar to a newspaper article. Start with your main point, then elaborate to explain and inspire thought. Keep it positive, focusing on what we can achieve together through BEC.

We reserve the right to edit submissions for readability and length, striving to maintain the integrity of your work.

We’re Excited to Hear from You

Your perspective can inspire and drive meaningful change in our community. If you’re ready to contribute or need further inspiration, please reach out through our contact form. Let’s collaborate to make Edmonton a leading example of urban sustainability.