For: A city or community
Time to develop: 4-5 months
Team size: 6 volunteers

This is a fun project with a lot of details that will enhance the profile of your city for residents and visitors. You need enough volunteers and time to find sites that best illustrate each of the 10 Themes of Sustainability (Transportation, Energy, Food etc.) in your region. The sites need to be accessible, and you need the agreement of site managers to allow them to be part of a self-guided tour. Then your team needs to create a tour book that guides people to the sites. BEC Sustainability Tours have been created in Ottawa, Toronto, and Brampton. They allow people to visit excellent examples of sustainability by bicycle, public transit, or personal vehicle. BEC Canada can give you a manual and advice. You can help residents and visitors to better understand sustainability and feel proud of what exists in the Edmonton Region.

Sustainability Tour