Theme: Sense of Place

The Sense of Place theme delves into the profound connection individuals and communities have with their local environment, fostering a deep sense of belonging and stewardship. It encompasses the appreciation of local landscapes, cultural heritage, and community efforts towards sustainability. This theme underlines the importance of experiencing natural spaces, participating in sustainable activities, and actively caring for our surroundings to strengthen our bond with the places we call home.

In the Edmonton Biosphere Eco-City, Sense of Place is recognized as a catalyst for environmental responsibility and community engagement. By encouraging residents to connect with their local environment through “placemaking” activities, community clean-ups, and celebrations of local achievements, we can cultivate a strong sense of pride and stewardship.

We encourage Edmontonians to share stories and initiatives that enhance the Sense of Place within our community. From efforts to preserve local heritage to events that bring people together in appreciation of our city’s natural and cultural assets, your contributions help build a deeper connection to our environment and each other. By fostering a shared sense of belonging and responsibility, we can inspire ongoing commitment to the stewardship of our local ecosystems and communities, ensuring a sustainable future for all.