Theme: Recreation

The Recreation theme emphasizes non-motorized, environmentally friendly activities. This may be indoor board games or sports in a recreation centre. In particular, it celebrates the joys of outdoor experiences, from leisurely walks in local parks to adventurous hikes and canoe trips in natural settings. This theme advocates for the thoughtful integration of green spaces, pathways, and nature trails into urban landscapes, facilitating connections between people and the environment in both serene and active contexts.

Recreation, as envisioned by the Biosphere Eco-City model, is about more than just physical activity; it’s about having fun while avoiding negative impacts on the environment, fostering a deep bond with nature, and promoting sustainability through leisure. By emphasizing non-motorized sports like hiking, skating, and canoeing, this theme encourages activities that not only benefit personal health but also protect the environment. The appropriate use of indoor recreation facilities, and the creation and use of parks and natural trails are seen as essential to providing accessible and diverse recreational opportunities for all community members, regardless of age or ability.

We invite Edmontonians to contribute their recreational projects or initiatives to our database. Whether it’s promoting non-motorized indoor winter activities, organizing outdoor sports events, or developing accessible green spaces, sharing these efforts can inspire others to participate in and advocate for sustainable recreation. Together, we can enhance the quality of life in our city, creating abundant opportunities for everyone to enjoy the great outdoors and contribute to the preservation of our natural environment.