Theme: Energy

The Energy theme delves into the myriad ways we generate, distribute, utilize, and conserve energy. Highlighting the importance of energy efficiency, renewable sources, and the reduction of dependence on non-renewable resources, this theme encourages a shift towards more sustainable energy practices across individual, community, and business levels.

Photo: Solar Power Investment Cooperative of Edmonton

The focus on Energy is a call to action for all residents and businesses to critically assess and improve their energy habits. From upgrading home energy efficiency to considering the adoption of co-generation systems, the choices we make can significantly impact our carbon footprint and sustainability goals.

This theme explores energy conservation, efficient use, and the potential of renewable sources like biofuel. It emphasizes the importance of understanding energy life cycles and the concept of embodied energy in our everyday decisions.

By sharing knowledge and examples of energy optimization, we aim to inspire a community-wide commitment to energy sustainability. We encourage you to add your energy-related projects to our database, showcasing the collective efforts within Edmonton to embrace cleaner, more sustainable energy solutions.